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Doyle Beanie

Long time no see.. January was a little bit of a rough month, it had its ups and downs. They were some amazing ups though.

I'm back to lectures full time now so I'm spending my days on campus and my evenings at home working on assignments (I have a lot). One thing that is keeping me sane is knitting. As some of you may know I knit in most lectures as it allows me to stay focused. That and it helps me relieve stress too!

These are some examples of my lecture knitting projects for the last few weeks, they're all hats!

I've been doing my best to keep up with all my coursework and also do some extra challenges . I started the #5shawlsin5days challenge by Aroha Knits. I managed three out of five. So, I tried. And the mini shawls looks super cute!

I'm just not so sure that shawls are my thing, its not an accessory that I would wear myself. I tend to go more for scarves or cowls. But I'm still very glad I took part in the challenge, even though it conquered me a bit. …

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