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All quiet on the Western front but beneath the water swan's feet are busy kicking

Well, its been a while hasn't it.

Summer has been hectic, its very clear to me that in adulthood summers are no longer about holidays. Yup, no holidays for me this year, just work and work and work.

College is starting back next week and today is my last Saturday off for the foreseeable future, and by foreseeable future I mean probably not until January, possibly further than that.

Life is busy but life is good. While my blog has been quiet I have been tipping away at all my little bits and pieces. Studying, working and of course crafting.

Its the end of the summer and the ice cream blanket is almost done, its rather fitting, all that remains to be done is a nice little border which I'd say shall be completed in a matter of days.

Its pretty damn cosy.
I also repainted my room, its a lovely soft grey now, very soothing and relaxing and wonderful.
I may have also started making an amigurumi totoro. 
You will not believe the number of ideas for new projects that I'm playing a…

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